Framing a quiet life

Our bed frames, crafted from natural materials, such as solid oak wood and Belgian linen, embody our commitment to fostering tranquil spaces. Locally produced at the RYE factory in Denmark, each design is created to captivate the senses with its sculptural design and tactile depth. Inspired by slowness and simple living they serve as modern sanctuaries in a fast paced world.

Atmospheres of calmness

The collection of side tables is created as a natural extension to our bedframes. Sustainably made form left-over wood from our production the side tables constitute a simple and discrete space for storing your night belongings. Choose from our different finishes of oiled, smoked and soaped treatments to create either monochromic harmony or subtle contrasts between bed frames and side tables.

Organic mattresses and pillows

Sustainably produced, our collection of organic mattress and pillows are made as a natural extension to our bedframes. The eco-certified collection consists of 100% natural latex and are covered in GOTS certified organic cotton. This unbleached surface creates a tactile richness while the open-celled latex foam constitutes a breathable and ergonomic sleeping experience. By choosing a RYE mattress, you indulge in comfort, health, and environmental consciousness in one comprehensive package.

Ease your choice

If you are considering one of our bed frames but are not quite sure which treatment to choose, seeing the samples in real life might help. We offer samples on the selection of all wooden treatments and textile options, all made from leftover material.

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