Clean, sculptural geometries combined with timeless craftmanship is what defines the collection of bed frames. Inspired by history and analog traditions each design is a testament to mindful living and crafted to last for years, patinating beautifully over time.

An offline space

Created to offer a respite pause from the fast pace of modern life, the collection of bedframes is developed to combine meaningful functionality with aesthetic sophistication. Each piece is consciously designed, leaving out unnecessary technology to constitute a space of offline being and slow life rituals.

Wooden bed frames
Selected from sustainable and local sources our wooden bed frames are made from certified materials such as solid Northern European oak wood and oak veneer of the finest quality. Experience the original Hem Bed Frame, designed by Nikolaj Lorentz Mentze, founder of Studio 0405. This piece is characterized by its’ nuanced composition of solid red oak, where distinct elements are constructed to carry each other, formulating an intriguing unity of divergent wooden structures. The collection also counts Ejer Bed Frame, designed by Alexander & Oliver Brunsø, a modern interpretation of classic analog bedroom furniture. In order to personalize the expression of your bedroom interior it is possible to choose from a selection of different wood finishes, including soaped oak, smoked oak, oiled oak and black stained oak.

Made to last
Imbued with the essence of Danish design legacy, every RYE bed frame carries a story of artisanal craftsmanship and conscious creation. The complete collection is meticulously crafted by skilled craftsmen- and women at our own local production in Denmark. It is anchored in our made-to-order philosophy and built to last for ages.

Upholstered Bed frames
Exploring the materiality of quiet, the upholstered Veng Bed Frame seeks to encapsulate an atmosphere of tranquility, transforming your bedroom into a space of relaxation and introspection. With an emphasis on serene geometries and honest expressions, Oliver & Lukas WeissKrogh has designed a bed which seems to capture the senses, invoke feelings of calmness, through the subtle contrast of appealing fabrics and solid oak wood, fulfilled by our master upholsterers.

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