Established in 2016, RYE is anchored in the soil of the lake highland district of Jutland, Denmark. In the rural station-town of Ry, the brand grew out of a family tradition of furniture making, and has continued the heritage of the craft, developing the production facilities of their time-honored factory halls from 1981.

As a dogma, RYE follows the principle of made-to-order production, which has allowed the brand to work within small scale manufacturing, aligning each product with its’ customer. Consequently, a more organic cycle of creating is being practiced, leaving space for a thorough process of the craft with a minimal amount of waste.
Celebrating the beauty of natural materials, RYE approaches the art of making as a humble act of mediation. The purpose is not so much in transforming raw materials, as in maintaining their origin, conveying the stories the materials already contain.
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