Alken Bed Frame | Oiled Oak

The Alken Bed Frame is a prize-winning furniture, designed by Oliver & Lukas WeissKrogh. It is shaped from solid oak and accentuated by the well-defined grains of the wood, which are running as individual patterns on each one-pieced headboard, creating a meditative sequence of fluidity. Conceived as something aesthetically distinct, the object is characterized by its functional serenity, framing a sanctuary of mindful presence.



Made to order
Slats included
Flat packed
Easy assembly
Compatible with all mattresses
Crafted in Denmark
Designed by Oliver & Lukas WeissKrogh


Solid oak wood


Outer width
Outer length
Total height 87cm
Frame height 36cm
Floor to frame 20 cm

Delivery time

5 to 7 weeks

Shipping methods

Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and SloveniaFree shipping (curb side) 0,00 
Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands and SwedenFree shipping (curb side) 0,00 
2-man delivery (to room of choice) 60,00 
LuxembourgFree shipping (curb side) 0,00 
2-man delivery (to room of choice) 100,00 
France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and SwitzerlandFree shipping (curb side) 0,00 
2-man delivery (to room of choice) 220,00 
Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and RomaniaShipping (curb side) 150,00 
Finland and NorwayShipping (curb side) 150,00 
2-man delivery (to room of choice) 210,00 
UK and Ireland2-man delivery (to room of choice) 400,00 
Outside zoneYou are located outside our normal delivery zones 0,00 

The Alken Sample pack is made of leftovers from
the production of the Alken Bed Frame.
Full amount is refunded if purchasing the Alken Bed Frame.

Soaped Oak

Oiled Oak

Smoked Oak

Free shipping to EU




RYE Alken bed frame in oiled solid oak - Bed frame and Alling nightstand in environment
RYE Alken bed frame in oiled solid oak - front of bed frame in sunlight
RYE Alken bed frame in oiled solid oak - headboard from back in environment

Each Alken Bed Frame emerges from the seed of an oak tree. It is a process of time continuing for more than a hundred years through slow growth in the forest. Eventually the wood is sourced from a local sawmill before it carefully gets shaped in the hands of our skilled craftsmen and women at our production facilities in The Danish Lake Highlands.

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