RYE is a design brand creating bedroom furniture that encourage people to rest. Inspired by analog thinking, our work is a response to the high pace of modern society, affecting the existence through absence and distraction. We consider the late hours as a recourse – a time to contemplate and to find quiet in the presence.

Since the launch in 2016, RYE has been driven by a thoughtful approach to design. With an emphasis on aesthetic traditions, we are less concerned about questions of what a bed can do, than what it should be; a quiet refuge, anchoring the senses through sculptural geometries and tactile depth.

Drawing on the insights of sustainable thinking, RYE has established its own production facilities in the Danish Lake Highlands. Searching for a local embeddedness that offers a more conscious form of creating, we approach the art of making with a mind obliged to the shared heritage of our nature. It’s a humble praxis, materialized in timeless quality and a made-to-order philosophy.

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