There is a special relation between sustainability and sleep. Not just because sleep is a passive state, but also because both may be viewed as circular phenomena. Sustainability is essentially a matter of recovery, and is thus closely tied to the fundamental idea of sleep. For this reason, we do not wish for the recovery of our body to take place at the expense of a burdened world, but rather let sleep be a state we can share with nature. To ensure this, we work with sustainably sourced materials at our wind-powered prodcution.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the Scandinavian equivalent to the EU Flower. Rye mattresses and pillows are certified with this label, which means that they not only reduce the strain on the body, but also the environment. The products are free of harmful substances and the entire life cycle of the product, from raw material to production, use, disposal and recycling, is included in the assessment. This is important to ensure that the overall impact on the environment and the climate is reduced. The criteria further include requirements regarding product properties that ensure quality and durability.

Wind Energy

Today, we use more fossil energy than ever before. The consequences to both our climate and our living conditions are far-reaching. Burning fossil fuels increases the emission of greenhouse gasses and this leads to increased sea and air temperatures. Rye wishes to contribute to a more stable environment and, therefore, we have chosen to power our factory with energy generated by Danish wind turbines.


A sustainable bed is also a durable bed. One of the most significant problems of our time is that we, as a society, continue to produce more and more products with a limited lifespan. Rye wishes to create durable solutions and our mattresses are therefore LGA-marked as a sign of the high quality of the product.

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