The Natural Collection

Centered around a new collection of natural mattresses and pillows, RYE is introducing a campaign that intends to cultivate a sensory and moreintuitive connection to sleep.

In a dreamy room, fragments of a mattress are transformed to a soft texture, while a moving body interacts with the material, to evoke a sense of intimate presence. The scene pays homage to the symbiotic coexistence of body and interior, to the calmness that emerges from this connection, and makes us receptive to sleep.

Made from pure rubber milk, the RYE mattress collection is designed to provide tranquility and rest. The natural rubber is initially harvested from certified plantations before it is baked, transforming the substance into durable, elastic and cooling foam of high ergonomic quality. Accompanied by a cover of unbleached organic cotton, the mattresses are soft to the touch, with a ventilating capacity that nourishes the skin and formulates a nonallergenic environment for rest.