A study on respiration

Etymology of respiration (n.)
late 14c., respircioum,
”Act or process of breathing, inhalation and
exhalation of air by the lungs” from Latin respirationem.
The concept was extended to plants by the year of 1831.

An exhibition during 3 days of design, 2022

A Study on Respiration is an abstract meditation on sleep.
Drawing inspiration from our biological relatedness to nature, the space explores the passivity of sleep as an opening to the primal state of human existence.
Respiration is not subjected to our will. It simply happens. 
As resting bodies, we seem to undo the separation between human and nature, no longer seeking to comprehend or perceive the world but are instead immersed in it.

The exhibition is centered around the Hem Bed Frame, designed by Studio 0405.
Exploring the aesthetics of imperfection, the object is shaped through an architectural principle of stacking, seeking to integrate natural diversity in its own material unity.
Patterns of grain runs through the surface of the red oak, creating sequences of peculiar aesthetics which cannot be repeated.
Irreducible in its essence, each design seeks to emphasize a piece of nature in its most immediate presence.

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